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H. C. Associates is a sales representative for telecommunication products.
We service telecom, cable, power utilities, manufacturers, and resellers.

    •        A Stocking Distributor for Symmetricom Products
    •        Install, Site Surveys, Sync Audits
    •        24/7 Tech Support
    •        Spares Programs
    •        TECH Support for Legacy Products

    PackeTime – Telecommunications networks are shifting from circuit switched to packet switched
    technologies. Presently available with TimeHub 5500 and SSU
    2000.  Symmetricom’s solutions incorporate precise time transfer protocols such as:
            Carrier Class Network Time Protocol (NTP)
            IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
            Universal Time Interface (UTI)
    Time Provider 5000 and PTP (IEEE 1588 v2) – TimeProvider 5000 is purpose built as an IEEE 1588, V2
    grandmaster clock and meets the most stringent timing and synchronization requirements of next
    generation network applications including Ethernet backhaul, circuit emulation and passive optical
    networks (PON).
    The SyncServer SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock is designed for the specific requirements of power utility
    substations; supporting existing network equipment and ready for IEC 61850 Smart Grid applications.  
    Using the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, the SGC-1500 enables microsecond timing accuracy
    essential to the Smart Grid.
    Primary Reference Source (PRS)        
           Time Provider 2700 and Time Provider 2300
           Edge Grandmaster Clock and Edge Boundary Clock designed
           to support small cells and meet the stringent timing
           requirements of 4G/LTE networks
           CDMA PRS
          TimeSource 3000/3500 GPS PRS
          Time Cesium 4400/4500 PRS (T1/E1)
    Integrated Timing Supply (BITS) Products
          SSU 2000 Sync Supply Unit, 100 Ports
               TimeHub 5500 Sync Supply System, 140 Ports
          TP1100 Edge Clock, Qz, Rb, GPS, 64  Ports
    Time Creator 1000 DTI Server   
          Time Creator 1000 DTI Server enables cable operators to manage network quality, monitor
          performance, and support frequency and timestamps synchronized to nanosecond
          levels Management Software

    •        Save Money
    •        Protect the Environment
    •        Utilize Existing Fixtures
    •        Largest LED Retrofit Company in the Nation
    •        No out-of-pocket cash required
    •        Complete installation & maintenance provided
    •        Five year warranty on lights

    •       TL2087 WAN Tester III
    •       Tests asynchronous, synchronous, T-1 and
             fractional T-1,  E-1 and fractional E-1, T-3 and
             E-3 facilities and equipment
    •        Includes V.35, RS232, RS422/RS530, X.21,
             HSSI, DDS, T-1,  E-1, T-3 and E-3 interfaces
             as standard
    •        Data rates from 50 bps to 50 Mbps

    Revive Technologies, LLC is a reliable and leading technology reseller for all of
    your Networking and System Hardware needs.
    •        New Cisco at 44% off list
    •        Smartnet at 17% off list
    •        Large inventory of refurbished/used Cisco are
             at deep discounts ranging from 50 - 95% off list
    •        Fast lead times, in case your current supplier
             and distributor is back ordered
    •        Quote turnaround in less than 20 minutes
    •        Short term rentals
    •        Leasing
    We feature: Cisco ASA Firewalls, All (Catalyst) Switches (6500, 4500 and more),MDS
    Storage Switches, Routers, Wireless, IP Phones, all blades, components,SFP’s,
    GBIC’s, Cables and accessories.
    We also offer the following company's products:  HP, IBM, Juniper, Extreme
    Networks, Barracuda & Nortel.

Please contact
Herb Clark at:

H. C. Associates
11 Longedge Road
Clinton, MA  01510
Tel:  617-901-8571
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